Residential Visits

Residential outdoor education has numerous benefits for school children. Team bonding activities, individual skills development, confidence building outdoor pursuits, plus the experience of living together 24 hours a day, all combine to ensure each and every student will benefit from a residential school trip.

Away from home, perhaps for the first time, school residential trips form such an important part of growing up and are the perfect opportunity for a valuable learning experience.

At Halebank C E Primary, we are proud to offer all children from Year 2 upwards the opportunity to go on a school residential visit wherever and whenever possible. School residential visits provide children with many wonderful experiences and memories.  They help children to develop their independence, learn new skills and visit places they may never get to go! 

In the school year 2023 - 2024 our Year 2 pupils spent a night in Delamere Forest and our Year 5/6 children had the opportunity to spend 2 nights on an outward bound trip to Winnmarleigh Hall. Last year our Year3/4 pupils spent the night at The Catalyst Museum sleeping under the stars and this year we are hoping that they will have a chance to enjoy a sleepover in school looking at the starry sky once more.

We re hopeful tht moving forwards our main KS2 trips will include visits to London, Cardiff and Edinburgh as we explore more of the UK.

‘Let your light shine’

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