The School Day

The time pupils spend in school varies across the country . Over time this difference accumulates, increasing the disparity between pupils by the time they leave secondary school. The Government is determined that all pupils have the opportunity to achieve their full academic potential. To support this, on 28 March 2022 the Government announced, through the White Paper Opportunity for all: strong schools with great teachers for your child, a new minimum expectation on the length of the school week of 32.5 hours for all mainstream, state-funded schools. Data from July 2021 showed that 80% of secondary schools and 78% of primary schools were delivering a school week of at least 32 hours, and 16% of secondary schools and 7% of primary schools were delivering 35 hours or more . Some schools will already have increased their hours in response to the expectation set in the White Paper. Any mainstream state-funded school that does not yet meet the minimum expectation of 32.5 hours should be working towards doing so by September 2024 at the latest. 


At Halebank C E Primary School we will need to alter the start and/or finish times slightly in accordance with the DFE decision on the length of the school day. The changes will come into force in September 2024 however a decision on the new times will be made in consultation with the Governing Body in May 2024. The decision will be followed by a letter to all parents and carers informing them of the times of the new school day and implications for attendance and punctuality.


If you have any thoughts or strong views on potential changes please share them verbally or in writing with Mrs Warner. Your opinions matter to us and they will be taken to Governors as part of our consultation process. We will also be speaking to our pupils to get their thoughts.

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